The Importance of Social Media in Your Marketing Plan

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know how important we feel inbound marketing is regarding your strategy. And while we’ve already covered the basics of inbound marketing, good examples of it and tips on how you can make your content more attractive to clients and prospects, there’s another important aspect you shouldn’t be ignoring—social media.

Social media is important for several reasons. And what’s great about the likes of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook is that they’re free to use—the only investment with either medium is the time you put into it. Here’s why social media should be an integral part of your inbound marketing strategy:

Cross Promotion: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter give you more avenues to promote your content. While it’s ideal for people to bookmark your site or find your stuff via an Internet search, social media can help expand your reach and also help lead new clients and prospects who may not have otherwise known about you to your content.
Social Signals: The presence that you have on social media is believed to be directly linked to Internet search results. So the more “likes,” tweets and activity on your social media sites, the higher your content will likely rank in search results.
Interaction: Good social media accounts are ones that interact with their friends and followers. In a sense, social media can be thought of as instant customer service, as you can respond to any questions and engage fellow users in conversation immediately through the social mediums. And that can be a big benefit.
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