Building a Restoration Referral Network: Part II

Last month on this blog, we talked about how to get your foot in the door with the likes of insurance adjusters, property managers, roofers, construction contractors and other professionals who can refer you work. So now that you know how to go about initiating contact, the next step in building your referral network is to further solidify relationships with these professionals.

Before we get into tips and suggestions, you might be wondering why referral networks are important. Consider the fact that the average restoration business has an average of 10 competitors in their area— so if you’re not furthering these relationships, chances are that someone else is. Here are some tips for how to do it:

  • Form a strategic partnership: This is an especially important tip if you do restoration work, but not structural repair or roofing. Reach out to reliable structural contractors and roofers to form a win-win partnership, where you refer structural and roofing work to them that you come across and they refer restoration work to you that they come across.
  • Wine and dine adjusters: After you’ve made initial contact with arguably the most important professionals in your referral network, and maybe even gotten a job or two from them, don’t ignore adjusters—step up your game. Take them out for lunch, for a drink after work or even a round of golf (more on this in a future blog). By continuing to build these relationships, you’re putting yourself on the short list for calls when a claim comes in.
  • Do good, honest work: Aside from everything, whether you continue to receive work from an adjuster or other professional will be dictated by how good of a job you do. So be honest with what needs to be done, don’t take any shortcuts and keep open lines of communication with the adjuster, contractors, roofer, etc. at all times.

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