Our Marketing Programs

  • Why Understanding the insurance industry is key to winning them over
  • Why the Agent and Adjuster profile form is essential to the success of your marketing efforts
  • How to host Insurance Golf Outings
  • Where to find quality agents and adjusters
  • How to implement a time management program that will keep your efforts on track
  • How to host a Lunch and Learn Program for agents and adjusters
  • How to identify and then focus on adjusters “Hot Buttons”
  • How to circumnavigate Insurers Vendor Programs
  • How to take the game to them
  • The importance of understanding your profit centers
  • The importance of conducting target research before ever making the first sales call
  • The importance of building trust with agents
  • The importance of a well-written estimate, and how to use this as a marketing tool allowing you a competitive advantage
  • How to hire a Sales Warrior

Marketing Agents & Adjusters Investment only $499.00 regular price $899.00

  • Understanding the Plumbing industry and how to win them over
  • Hosting a Customer Appreciation Day at Plumbing Supply Houses
  • The Got a Leak™ Program
  • Initial Contact – Plumbers Letter
  • Got a Plumber Referral Program?
  • Warm and Cold Marketing
  • Phone Finesse
  • Cold Calling
  • Script for Cold Calling Plumbers
  • Using Promo Items
  • The importance of building trust with Plumbers
  • …and many more Plumber’s Marketing Modules

Marketing To Plumbers. Investment only $399.00 regular price$699.00

  • Complete Human Resource Section – Includes organizational structure, job description, staffing, employment ads, application form, interview techniques, pre-employment screening, interview guide and grading system
  • Employee Policy Manual – Personnel policies, code of ethics, legal requirements, termination, and much more
  • Forms – Includes sample Employment Agreement
  • Financial and Purchasing – Includes accounting controls, cash, sales and accounts receivables, time keeping, collections and payroll
  • Insurance – Requirements for a service company
  • Getting Started – Taking a Call for a Loss – Tele-script
  • Job Tracking – Includes job board procedures

Personnel Policies Manual Cost only $129.00 regular price $179.00