Is Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Working?

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, by now you surely realize how important we think inbound marketing is to brand building. So we certainly hope that you’ve taken some of the information we’ve presented in posts over the past few months regarding the marketing tactic and applied them to your business. But there’s one aspect of inbound marketing that we’ve yet to cover and that’s how to measure its success. In other words, how do you know whether or not your strategy is working? Here’s a look at some factors to pay attention to:

Post Traction: Are cleaning and restoration companies outside of your service area back-linking to your blog posts? Are you getting invitations from companies to guest blog on their site? Are more users following you on social media? That means people are finding you—and the more you’re “out there,” the better.
Customer Traction: “I found a great post you wrote online and want to hire you!” If you’re getting calls similar to that, your inbound marketing strategy is doing exactly what it should be doing.
You’re Ranking High on Google: If you’re finding that your content is ranking high on Google and being found and read, your SEO strategy is working nicely.
Reader Comments: Are you getting reader feedback and ongoing conversation in the comments section of your content? That’s good! Just be sure to hop into the comments section yourself to respond to any questions being posed or simply just to thank readers for their input.
Revenue: Have sales increased since you started your inbound campaign? That’s perhaps the best way to determine whether you’re on the right track with things. If they have—great! But if they haven’t, don’t fret. A good inbound marketing strategy takes time, patience and persistence. Always remember, while short-term “wins” are good, it’s always about the big, long-term picture.
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