Hiring a Great Salesperson

For a typical cleaning and restoration company, it’s normal for the owner to be out there doing most – if not all – of the selling. But if your business grows to the point where it’s bringing in $1 million or more, then it could be time to look into hiring a full-time sales associate.

But hiring a good salesperson is a lot easier said than done. For starters, most good salespeople are working for large companies with high earnings potential, so don’t be shocked if the resumes you receive don’t have a lot of – if any – sales experience. When it comes to salespeople, it’s more important to look for qualities like ambition, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Hiring a salesperson is a lot like a professional sports team drafting a player out of college – you’re looking more at their potential and the salesperson they can be, rather than the salesperson they currently are.

So what’s the secret to hiring a great salesperson? Since you’re likely to be offering a job based more on potential than on a proven sales track record, one of the big keys is you.

That’s right – you. The business owner. And that’s where a “sales system” comes in very handy. Remember, since the person you’re likely to hire has a limited track record, it’s up to you to come up with a system of scripts, tactics and prices to help them succeed. Above all else, you must set achievable objectives, employ accountability metrics and provide your salesperson with weekly scheduled coaching. This system helps the salesperson get his or her feet wet until they’ve really got the hang of it. And this system can also be universal, so if your current salesperson ever leaves for another opportunity (which is more or less bound to happen if they really start to get the hang of the whole “selling” thing), you can pass the buck right on to the next one you hire.

If you do it right, the salesperson you hire will become a vital part of your operations.

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