We’ve talked a lot about inbound marketing on this blog before, and unquestionably, a big part of any good inbound marketing strategy is creating content by blogging. To recap, inbound marketing is where prospects and leads come to you. A blog is ideal for this purpose because there’s a good chance that your prospects are using the Internet to search for information pertaining to their cleaning and restoration questions. They find your blog, get the information they’re looking for, then—voila—ideally you create a new customer.

Simple as that, right?

Wrong. When it comes to blogging, you have to develop content that is not only informative, but engaging and interesting to make it stand out online. So how can you do this, especially when cleaning and restoration might not be the sexiest topics to write about? Here are a few tips:

Personal Experiences: Everyone in this industry has a cool, unique or bizarre story. And “cool,” “unique” and “bizarre” are all interesting! So rely on your wealth of personal experiences to link key points or messages in your content together.

Comedy: Writing with humor can be difficult, but if you can master it, it can do wonders for your blog—and your brand. So try to be humorous. If it’s too much of a challenge, post memes or funny eCards with your blog posts that are relatable to your subject.

Images/Videos: One great way to break up text and further make your content more engaging is to complement it with applicable videos and images. For proof of this, consider the fact that articles with images are some 94% more popular than those without.

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