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I was first introduced to Ivan Turner and Show Me Marketing in the Spring of 2013. For the prior 5 years, had been given the opportunity to coach and mentor some of the top leaders and coaches in the “In Home Services” industry, specifically the Carpet Cleaning, Restoration and Rug Washing verticals. My background included being the Chief Negotiator for Michael Gerber, author and founder of E-myth Worldwide, a Founding Partner with the John Maxwell Group, worked with Howard Partridge and Phenomenal Products and spent time as President of a national ATM company.

During that time I was on the Board of the International Franchise Association’s Educational Foundation, National Co Vice Chair of the National Federation of Independent Business Foundation and have been called “the Coaches Coach”. I had found that some of the most authentic and hardworking individuals make up the in home services industry and for the most part they treat their clients, employees and prospects with honesty, integrity, dignity and respect. In other words, they go above and beyond to produce the results that the home owners want and expect. One afternoon I received an email from Ivan Turner inquiring about my coaching and mentoring services. Before I contacted Ivan I did my homework and research. I found out thru my contacts in the industry that Ivan Turner was not only a true gentleman but that he had created a major company in the Restoration industry. Upon further due diligence I found out that Ivan’s value system was focused upon making a difference for his clients, staff and his community. Ivan had my complete attention and I wanted to find out if the word on the street was true.

It took about 15 minutes into our conversation when I pleasantly discovered that Ivan Turner does walk his talk. His mission and passion at this point in his successful career was to become the leading teacher, coach and authority to assist in easing the burden of the hard working restoration and cleaning business owners. Ivan claimed that he UNLOCKED THE CODE to not only the financial success but also to living a successful life.

The tools, the observations and the processes in this book will span almost any entrepreneurial endeavor. All businesses are the same in that they need to become better than good in the lead generation, lead conversion and client fulfillment processes inside of their business.

During one of our initial conversations, I suggested to Ivan that he should write a book to reach a larger audience than just his coaching clients. Of course, we all have a book inside of us but not everyone will rise to the occasion to put their thoughts, hopes, dreams, aspirations and information down for others to read. The writing of a book takes courage, commitment, passion and perseverance more than you can imagine. It was in that conversation that Ivan said he always wanted to tell his story and since whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve. The very proof is in your hands, Unlocking the Code is a reality. The reader will learn never been told before secrets, systems and procedures’ that they will not find anywhere else. Ivan KNOWS what he is writing about. Ivan lived, failed, attempted, succeeded and now wants to teach you how to Unlock the Code to a owning and managing a Uber successful business that will allow you to really live a life worth living. A life filled with prosperity and , fulfillment, giving you the time, resources and energy to really Make a Difference in this world.

Read, take notes, prove, attempt, do the work, set your goals, track your results, adjust and keep moving forward. As one of my most respected clients and friends, Howard Partridge states the reason most businesses are not successful is all because of FTI. Yes, Failure to Implement, to do the work is the major reason why most small companies do not receive the benefits of their hard work. Read this book, follow Ivan’s advice, do the required work, monitor the results, set higher goals, and just DO IT!


I Broke The Code – So Can You! $15.95